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Bursa is one of the most beautifully sited of Turkish cities spreads itself along the foothills of Mt.Olympus. On a clear day you can even see Istanbul. Bursa can be reached in four hours by car from Istanbul.Spring is the best season there. Every tree would be in a different shade of green.

In early times Bursa (then Prusa) was of second important city in Bithynia overshadowed by those rivals for supremacy; Nicomedia and Nicea. Ans It was the first Bithynian city whose finances were investigated by Pliny in 111 AD. He reported to Emperor Trajan that he found the inspection necessary.He also added that the more he looked into the accounts the more illegal expenses he found.

Bursa had hot mineral springs which supplied the baths, a source for considerable enrichment.

Another source of wealth came in the 6th century when the Byzantines met the silkworm. And then Bursa became a world center for silk production. During the Ottoman times this expanded into a major international industry for making luxury fabrics such as velvet and brocade, with over a thousand weaving establishments by the early 1600s.

Bursa is still known for its silk and other textiles such as towels.
Our Bursa tour covers the following sights;
  • *The Green Mosque
  • *The Green Tomb
  • *Mt.Olympus
  • *The Grand Mosque( Ulu Camii)
  • *The Silk Bazaar

Tour price; Due to the fact that we do individually designed tours to suit visitors interest and needs we do not have a standard fee per tour. When you send us your tour requirements we will help you devise an itinerary. When this has been completed we will quote you a rate accordingly. For the exact pricing please contact us.

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