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The fairy-like panorama of cotton-white travertine and the rich Roman and early Christian architectural remains make Pamukkale, Hierapolis, one of the most famous surviving examples of ancient Turkey.

Pamukkale means '' Cotton Castle'' in Turkish.The marvellous cotton-white plateau formed by calcium oxide rich waters turned the southern slope of Çaldağ into an amazing travertine which draws thousands of people every year.

Our Pamukkale tour covers the following sights;
  • *Hierapolis ancient city
  • *Cleopatra pools
  • *Cotton-white travertine

Tour price; Due to the fact that we do individually designed tours to suit visitors interest and needs we do not have a standard fee per tour. When you send us your tour requirements we will help you devise an itinerary. When this has been completed we will quote you a rate accordingly. For the exact pricing please contact us.

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